Mixed Media
Dimension Variable

My works are usually site-specific works, therefore, they hardly conserved but only part of the pieces or even just images/video records. When a site-specific work detached from the the site, the work will lose its meaning of existence. The site from a particular time and space will bring to the present exhibition space through the visual records, however, the meaning of the work will be left behind at the ‘specific site’ in the past. I don’t want to just showing the visual records, but through the reoccuring process, link up the site in the past to the present exhibition space. A similar theme I had explored before – the nature of an exhibition space will be changed due to the process of artists installing their works, an exhibition space will be transformed from a neutral space to someone’s, in this case, artist’s place.
This is an experiment. It is almost impossible to have the same experience or feeling of creating the site-specific work through visual records. As the surrounding has changed, the new site will bring a new meaning of space. The different of the surroundings will affect my response to the works. This may lead to a new series of work or an extension to explore the nature of space.


© work and images lee suet-ying.