Under.Line Projects (2022-now)

Under•Line (Electric edition) at Grotto SKW set a new start for the project in 2022, before its journey to Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder at Trondheim, Norway. In September, the series continued its expeditions to Barcelona presenting in Tangent Projects, and to Lisbon in November, as one of the exhibitions in Lisbon Art Weekend at PADA gallery.
Curated by Jamsen LAW
For detail of the project: www.nprojekt.net

New series of work:
Expandable foam, wool and found objects

Barcelona Edition

Lisbon Edition 
New series of works that createed during the 9-days of residency at PADA Studio in Barreiro, Portugal 

The negotiation between human and nature:
The boundary, in form and material, is set by the human to not overthrow by the power nature. Trying to build or create the boundary to cope with the constant change in nature.

Perth Edition

Under•Line (Electric edition) at Grotto SKW, Hong Kong

Live performance by Julvian HO:

Seeds of Remembrance
La Plata, Argentina

Ground to A Halt
Plaster, wood, light bulb, borrowed mat and used water bottle
Dimension variable

Packed and Ready
Plastic wrap, light and tools
Dimension variable 

Felt The Pinch
Mattress, felt, polyurethane foam, wool, rope
Dimension variable

Seeds of Remembrance marks a beginning of the third travelling series of nProjekt. Different from the previous two artist-centric series, Under•Line and Non-Solo, it is a theme- and process-driven project designed to evolve through a two-month residency. It was arranged to come into being at a place far away from both artists' home city, where is simply at the opposite end of the globe. The climate, the population density, the speed of living, road traffic and many others are plain different from home.

Seeds of Remembrance is a metaphor of easy-to-carry and -store sources of life, which keep memories, identities and potentials of their origins. It proposes conversations about how art and artefact, which represent memories, histories, melancholies, and contentments, could be collected, displayed, preserved and reproduced, intentionally or unconsciously, for the existence of what they represent. It also suggests a search of nutritions for growth and adaptation, developing new roots and varieties.

Curated by Jamsen Law
Presented by nProjekt
Hosted by Residencia Corazón
Supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Staff of Residencia Corazón - Juan Pablo Ferrer, Rodrigo Mirto & Catalina Poggio (Curatorial Advisor)


Reclaiming Little Things –

A Non-Solo of Lee Suet Ying in association with John Aiken, Ho Siu Kee and Jaffa Lam

李雪盈 聯同 莊藝勤 何兆基 林嵐

An exploratory exhibition series

curated by Jamsen Law

Art making is a way
Exhibition making is another
Non-Solo highlights multi-layered exploration and dialogues, not solo would do
Art making is a learning process
learning from the medium, learning from the subject matter
most importantly, how a person thinks and feels
artistically processes the surroundings


Live Performance link:

Wished to be stronger

Wished to be calmer

To move on, to let them return to nature

A rebuild from the ground up, for fantasy and security






Karin Weber Gallery

Latex, gelatin bioplastic, wood, bronze
30cm x 30cm x 5cm

Sculpture as a medium for me is more about the process. At the beginning, there will be a process of intimacy with different materials, the materials response/react to my action and convert to different form and shape that contain a particular moment or emotion. The outcome of creation will then be installed in the actual time and space. The representation of the work allows me to reassess the work and its relationship with the substantial space in a rather detached distance, the work will keep transforming and emerging, and may continue to expand and develop to a new possibility during the process of installation.


Visual design for the drama - ‘Guns and Flowers’
Director and playwright - Hope Chiang
Artworks in the drama
Video installation with wooden slingshot

Memory Hole
Video Installation

Growing to be...

Where are you?
Turf, soil, ready-made objects, cloth

Wood and bronze

According to Chinese-American geographer Yi-fu Tuan mentioned in the book of Escapism, people look for stability, and the material environment that signifies stability, we are naturally drawn to familiar things in familiar places that we build bonds with. People escape from raw and threatening nature into the refinements of culture. The culture evolves to create civilisation, helps nurturing one’s sense of belonging toward the place, even the stability of civilisation is falling apart, they will still fight for the best to defend and maintain it, till the fire of hope died out.

Through the installation works, video imageries and reoccurring process, the places at different time are linked up, the surrounding influences our sense of bodily existence. To reimagine the homeland, the place we are living in. 

'Our body tied by the sense to the environment, is place; our mind freed from such sensory ties, is space.‘ - Tuan Yi-fu, Space, Place, and Nature: The Farewell Lecture

人傾向於安穩,會在物質環境中尋求安定性,如美藉華僑人文地理學家 – 段義孚在《逃避主義》一書中提到,我們天性會被自己所建構的事物與環境所吸引,令我們逃離危險的原始自然世界,逃到一個完善的文化環境中。當文化演變成文明,會孕育出自身對地方的歸屬感,即使文明的穩定性在瓦解,我們仍會嘗試盡力挽救維護,直至希望盡失。


「我們的身體感知被環境所束縛,是為地方;我們的思想不受感知所束縛,是為空間」- 段義孚,空間,地方,及自然:告別講座

(Bankart Station, Yokohama, Japan)

© work and images lee suet-ying.