Remembrance Series

Tokens of Remembrance
Helsinki, Finland

under construction... 

Marks of Remembrance
Bristol, UK

under construction...

Seeds of Remembrance
La Plata, Argentina

Ground to A Halt
Plaster, wood, light bulb, borrowed mat and used water bottle
Dimension variable

Packed and Ready
Plastic wrap, light and tools
Dimension variable 

Felt The Pinch
Mattress, felt, polyurethane foam, wool, rope
Dimension variable

Seeds of Remembrance marks a beginning of the third travelling series of nProjekt. Different from the previous two artist-centric series, Under•Line and Non-Solo, it is a theme- and process-driven project designed to evolve through a two-month residency. It was arranged to come into being at a place far away from both artists' home city, where is simply at the opposite end of the globe. The climate, the population density, the speed of living, road traffic and many others are plain different from home.

Seeds of Remembrance is a metaphor of easy-to-carry and -store sources of life, which keep memories, identities and potentials of their origins. It proposes conversations about how art and artefact, which represent memories, histories, melancholies, and contentments, could be collected, displayed, preserved and reproduced, intentionally or unconsciously, for the existence of what they represent. It also suggests a search of nutritions for growth and adaptation, developing new roots and varieties.

Curated by Jamsen Law
Presented by nProjekt
Hosted by Residencia Corazón
Supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Staff of Residencia Corazón - Juan Pablo Ferrer, Rodrigo Mirto & Catalina Poggio (Curatorial Advisor)

Photo credits: Jamsen Law

© work and images lee suet-ying.