Under.Line Projects (2018-2022)

Lines in Memory Series
Latex, Grass, Soil, Threads, Wax, Cement, Motor, Tile, ready-made objects
Dimension Variable

Hong Kong Edition
The Hague Edition
Rotterdam Edition

Latex, Grass, Soil, Threads, ready-made objects
Dimension Variable

Tokyo Edition

Sidney Edition

Trondheim Edition

Abscess II
PU foam and modeling clay

Flash The Portal to Nowhere
Reflective tape

Under.Line is an ongoing project taken from as experimental exhibitions-in-progress. There would be more or fewer artworks and artists in each edition responding to the exhibition space and environment of the location. Artists make a series of expandable artworks ready for fitting into different architectures and spaces, as well as responding to the unique characters of the venues.

Line, the most basic and primitive form of visual art expression, is the starting point of this project. Through exploring our habits of using line, the project investigates how it is actually visually presented and what it usually represents. The interconnected artworks in Under.Line look into the underneath of the told and stretch the concealed with their positions in the play. Poetically re-placing and re-arranging in the bits and pieces of the exhibitions, the artworks could be viewed as a whole, as well as individual.

Curated by Jamsen LAW

© work and images lee suet-ying.