Under.Line Projects (2022-now)

Under•Line (Electric edition) at Grotto SKW set a new start for the project in 2022, before its journey to Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder at Trondheim, Norway. In September, the series continued its expeditions to Barcelona presenting in Tangent Projects, and to Lisbon in November, as one of the exhibitions in Lisbon Art Weekend at PADA gallery.
Curated by Jamsen LAW
For detail of the project: www.nprojekt.net

New series of work:
Expandable foam, wool and found objects

Barcelona Edition

Lisbon Edition 
New series of works that createed during the 9-days of residency at PADA Studio in Barreiro, Portugal 

The negotiation between human and nature:
The boundary, in form and material, is set by the human to not overthrow by the power nature. Trying to build or create the boundary to cope with the constant change in nature.

Perth Edition

Under•Line (Electric edition) at Grotto SKW, Hong Kong

Live performance by Julvian HO:

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